Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to the Ornament Rescue League

Memories & Hopes
Once a year, ornaments make their way out of the attic and onto the tree, glistening with our warmest memories, shining with our brightest hopes.

We tell their stories every year...

"Uncle Jimmy brought this angel back from Germany."
"Oh, look. You made this pine cone in kindergarten!"
"Remember the time I stepped on him -- Rudolph the No-Nose Reindeer."

Ornament stories never get old. But the ornaments do. Some fade. Some chip. Some break, wearing their scotch tape scars proudly.

The lucky ones are cherished for the memories they keep long after the glitter is gone. They are tenderly wrapped in tissue for safekeeping, awakening each Christmas to hear their stories told.

But others aren't so lucky... faded, chipped, broken... forgotten.

The Ornament Rescue League
We of the Ornament Rescue League believe everyone deserves their chance to shine. Even Christmas ornaments. So we restore old, discarded ornaments in honor of the memories they once held, in hopes of creating new memories for generations to come.

And with ALL PROCEEDS BENEFITING HASBRO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL of Providence, Rhode Island, our rescue ornaments will shine with the hope of children's health and well-being all year long.

How You Can Rescue an Ornament
Please stop by our Etsy Shop and see all of our rescue ornaments. We hope you enjoy our efforts and will consider rescuing an ornament in time for this Christmas.

After all, they've got a lot of shine left to give.

Tizdy Season, our mascot

Merry Christmas!

The Ornament Rescue League

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