Friday, November 7, 2014


We've been refurbishing ornaments for the past few months so for this next one, I decided to see just how far I could push this whole idea of transformation. See what you think...

This ornament is a replica of a classic bunny pull toy from the Victorian era. A little tidying and re-gluing and she'd be in fine shape to be adopted just the way she is. But there's something in her spirit I thought could go farther... a lot farther.

I started by dis-assembling her, removing all the old trimmings, getting rid of the (inexplicable) wood shavings on her roller board, and sanding her down for repainting.

During this strip-down process I realized this is a bunny in a hurry! She's posed as if leaping through the air. And with that came the inspiration for this ornament... and the moment of truth... I clipped off the pull string transforming her from a Victorian pull toy into a Millennial skateboarder!

To modernize her, I chose a color-blocking approach, graphic white star motif, an oversized cotton tail, and silver bow for a dash of glitter and shine.

But decoration alone wasn't enough to give Bunnyboarder the full transformation I was looking for. In my mind, her new skateboarder-inspired style transformed her need for speed into a passion for action. And for skateboarders, action means the half-pipe!

I tried a few different ways to create a half-pipe, but the size was so big it overwhelmed the star of our show. So Bunnyboarder and I had a little chat and it turns out North Poleans use hollowed out candy canes at the annual Xmas Games!

For the half-pipe, I took a paper towel roll and cut it in half to better fit Bunnyboarder's small size.  Then I cut along the diagonal to create a twisted section of half-pipe. The twist gave the ornament a sense of perpetual motion yet left lots of open air to see Bunnyboarder from every angle.

I papier-mached the cardboard for a little more stability then painted candy cane stripes to accent the twisted shape. A little shellac, glitter, and a bit of silver trim on the edges to give it a nice finish, and suddenly Bunnyboarder has her our very own half-pipe.

The final step was positioning Bunnyboarder within the half-pipe frame. Again, to optimize the sense of movement, I positioned her in mid-air by dangling her from the top curve.

Wow! Look at that Bunnyboarder go! (Victorians never had this much fun!)

We hope you'll consider adopting our dashing-through-the-half-pipe Bunnyboarder for that special skateboarder in your life!

This ONE-OF-A-KIND ornament has been lovingly restored by hand by the Ornament Rescue League. It is numbered and hand-tagged to show the before/after transformation. It is available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis through our Etsy shop. Please stop by and see all of the ornaments we've rescued! And remember... 

All proceeds benefit Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, RI.

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